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CptS - Data Structures. Programming Assignment 8: Big Integer continued. Assigned: Friday, November 16, Due: Monday, December 3, by midnight. Learner Objectives:. At the conclusion of this programming assignment, participants should be able to:.

Before starting this programming assignment, participants should be able to:. This assignment is a continuation of PA7. It is recommended that you make a copy of your PA7 assignment and build on top of that for PA8. While this is more than enough for many types of applications, there are other types of applications that require a much wider range than this.

In fact, some applications may need to store numbers that have the number of bits that are used to store the data value change dynamically. Your class must be able to store any integer value that can fit within memory.

You can approach this problem in one of two ways:. You cannot use the int data type to store the number internally. Implement the following member functions in this class:. Note that if you are choosing to store the number as a string internally, then this must make a copy of that string and return it.

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Otherwise this method is expected to produce a decimal string from your binary data. The caller of the function is expected to free the string using delete[ ] when finished with it. Include the following static functions in your BigInt class as well:. You must have these methods. They are to dynamically allocate and return the proper BigInt object, which must be deallocated using delete by the caller. You can add as many additional private methods as you want to serve as helper functions.

Your program will perform arithmetic operations stored in an input file and write results to an output file. When your program runs, take the first argument as the input file name and open it for reading. Take the second argument as the output file name and open it for writing. Details of the input file format follow:.Due Dates. Jan Bootcamp for Mac help. No lab this week! Download MS VS. Community Register for an. Note: Last day you may add a course on-line!

PA 0 — submit Hello. World class code. Day — All University Holiday. Lab 1. Quiz 1 take-home. Lab 1. ASCII table:. Note: Last day you may receive a refund for special course fees! Lab 2. Quiz 2 take-home. Quiz 2 by start of lab. Feb 3. Lab 3. Quiz 3 take-home.

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At the conclusion of this programming assignment, participants should be able to:. Before starting this programming assignment, participants should be able to:. For each of the following problems create a separate Microsoft VS project. Within each project you must have at least one header file. Write a C program that sorts strings into descending or ascending order determined by the user of the program. For this program you must declare an array of pointers to the strings, and perform the sorting without using strcpy.

Hence, you must manipulate the pointers to the strings only! Below is a pseudocode algorithm for bubble sort:. C is an integer index value. You must develop your own program driver to illustrate that your sorting algorithm works! Write a C program that determines if a string is a palindrome. Before your program makes the palindrome determination, you must remove all punctuation characters from the string.

Recall a palindrome is a sequence of characters that can be read the same way in either direction. Once again, you must develop your own program driver to illustrate that your program works.

You may use any library functions you wish. Write a C program that encrypts and decrypts strings using the Caesar Shift Cipher.

The shift value must be an integer, but may be positive or negative.Andy is the best prof. He cares, he notices those people in his class even if you don't talk to him often. He notices when you aren't in class, and makes sure everything is okay. His assignments are hard, but you are given ample time and there is always someone available to help. If you put in the work, you will do well. Professor O'Fallon's Top Tags.

Phone and Online Service Codes on Your Medical Bill

Respected Amazing lectures Caring Inspirational Skip class? You won't pass. Flag this rating. Feb 23rd, For Credit: Yes. His exams are quite hard, its normally a huge time crunch to finish his exams in the given time but aside from that I love everything about Andy.

Without a doubt the best professor at this entire school. I just wish that he taught more than the lower level classes so I could take him again. Respected Amazing lectures Caring. Dec 27th, Andy O'Fallon is an awesome professor and always available outside of class! His lectures were always high quality and you could tell he cared about his students.

We even had some former students who work at Microsoft come present, which was really cool. The coding assignments each week take hours depending on the complexity, but they're fun. Gives good feedback Accessible outside class Amazing lectures.

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Dec 7th, Amazing professor! No other professor is as respected yet loved, or kind yet fair at the same. His lectures are very informative and his sense of humor is amazing.

Very clear explanations and always willing to listen to and answer your questions. The class can move pretty fast though, so always show up to class and pay attention during lecture. Respected Hilarious Amazing lectures. Dec 6th, Great professor. His lectures are really helpful, come to class ready to actually focus - same with lab - and you'll do just fine in his class.CptS Introduction to Computer Programming. CptS Program Design and Development. CptS Data Structures Java.

CptS Introduction to Computer Architecture. CptS Automata and Formal Languages. CptS Design and Analysis of Algorithms.

CptS Programming Language Design. CptS Systems Programming. CptS Systems Programming Java. CptS Introduction to Parallel Computing. CptS Big Data. CptS Computer Security.

cpts 122 pa 4

CptS Numerical Analysis. CptS Introduction to Machine Learning. CptS Scientific Visualization. CptS Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. CptS Computer Graphics. CptS Human-Computer Interaction.

CptS Introduction to Database Systems. CptS Compiler Design. CptS Graph Theory. CptS Introduction to Computer Networks.

cpts 122 pa 4

CptS Embedded Systems. CptS Computational Genomics. CptS Data Science. CptS Software Construction and Maintenance. CptS Software Process and Management.

CptS Mobile Application Development. CptS Python Software Construction. CptS Software Requirements. CptS Gerontechnology I. CptS Gerontechnology II. CptS Software Design and Architecture.You might spend a lot of time on the phone with your doctornurse practitioner NPor physician assistant PA. In some circumstances, you or your health insurer may be billed for these phone consultations as medical services.

cpts 122 pa 4

In the past, discussing medical issues and getting medical advice over the phone was not reimbursed by insurance or billed to patients. Recently, some private insurance companies have begun to pay for patient-to-provider phone calls, especially when the calls are prolonged and when medical decisions are made.

Nevertheless, you may be billed for the whole cost, or you may have to pay a co-pay. While you shouldn't hesitate to call your doctor, you should familiarize yourself with your doctor's policy and your insurer's policy about phone calls and online correspondence. Every procedure and service you receive from a medical provider uses these codes, which are required along with your bill. Phone or online consultations with your doctor or other providers have corresponding CPT codes as well.

Codes that refer to phone conversations with your doctor are billed in time increments from five minutes to a half an hour. Codes for phone consultations with physician extenderswho are usually nurses, NPs, or PAs, usually correspond with a bill that is less than the bill for phone conversations with your doctor.

Many doctors, clinics, and hospitals also offer email or other online consultation services to patients. No matter the format, the AMA designates them with two codes: one for your doctor and the other for a physician extender. Keep in mind that in addition to the billing issues involved with online correspondence, many doctors and other providers have serious concerns about whether online correspondence about your medical issues could compromise the privacy of your health information.

While there are codes for phone and online medical services, this doesn't mean that your insurer will pay for them. Many insurance companies are adding coverage for telephone and online health services because it may prevent you from having to go through an unnecessary emergency room visit—which may be both inconvenient and costly. Not all payers cover non-face-to-face services, and government payers are among those that do not. If your health insurer does not cover non-face-to-face healthcare services, your provider may bill you for this time or might list the CPT codes on your bill without a corresponding cost of service.

Your providers are permitted to bill you for them as uncovered service, and most providers will let you know about this arrangement ahead of time so that you can plan your phone calls and online correspondence accordingly.

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You may wonder why the code would be included on your bill if there is no charge. Many medical practices and large hospital systems document practice parameters, such as time spent with patients or time spent on the phone.

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